About Me

Growing up in a multiracial family and living in New Jersey and then California, I thought a lot about which social categories I and other people belonged to. When I went to UC Irvine for college, I met many other multiracial people and connected about our shared experiences. At UC Irvine I majored in Biological Sciences, initially planning to go to medical school. But after joining a psychology lab to fill a requirement, I found that I loved psychological research and that it connected to many of the questions I had as a kid. I then completed my PhD at the University of Pittsburgh in Developmental Psychology.

One of the best parts of pursuing a research career is talking about science with my sister, Haley Amemiya, who continues to amaze me with her accomplishments and her commitment to making STEM a more welcoming place. I also have been lucky to have Bima Hasjim as my partner, who is a general surgery resident at UC Irvine.

Beyond spending time with loved ones, I love watching movies and learning about how they're made, eating ice cream (especially ube or cookies and cream), listening to Mariah Carey's 90s catalogue (I'm a superfan!), and finding unique coffee shops. I am always trying to trick myself into being athletic--it's a work in progress.

My parents, Kenjie and Jackie

One of my favorite pictures of my dad and me

Me and my sister, Haley

Bima's medical school graduation